Ready to Step Up and Own Your Power?

(in every area of your life – from the boardroom to the bedroom)

About Archanaa Shyam

Archanaa works with stressed out high performers who are feeling stuck. She helps them step up and own their power so they manifest confidence and success in every area of their life – from the boardroom to the bedroom.

As an Intuitive Catalyst, Certified Medical Intuitive, Master Sacred Space Creator, Usui Reiki Master, Shaman, Fire Alchemist, Crystal Keeper, Master Energy Transmitter, and Evangelist for Organic Living, her healing approach is unique and personalized for each client.

Medical Intuitive & Mentor For High Performers

From Stuck to Unstoppable!

Find out if these top 5 hidden dangers in your home are sabotaging your success.


Emotional baggage from prior occupants


Physical and energetic toxins in your home and environment


Energetic cords between your home and other people

Vibe Score

Identifies lack of harmony factors so you know what areas need help
Non-Beneficial Energie

Non-Beneficial Energies

From prior incidents that can keep you stuck

Food Allergy Scan Vs. Traditional Medical Approach

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Do you have a love hate relationship with your food?

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Do you feel like you’re experimenting with your diet all the time?

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Would you like to find out what your body likes without stepping out of your home?

Can a Starseed Reconciliation change your life?

Starseed have capabilities like,
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Physical Traits and Abilities

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Intelligence And Consciousness

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Emotional And Social Awareness

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Naturally High Intuition

to get ahead of each and every problems those come through our life journey.

To first truth, we don’t have to go anywhere. We can do it from our living rooms.

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Gateway to Balancing Your Masculine & Feminine Energies

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    Opens you up to more sustained energy all day so you can get more done with less stress

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    Initiates the journey to trusting yourself and your intuition

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    Speeds up the healing of your physical, emotional and energy bodies

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(This is a group for Vegan Living – not just eating!)

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(This is a group for Vegan Living – not just eating!)