Archanaa Shyam is an intuitive visionary whose shamanic processes not only invokes radical alchemy in others but does so quickly, easily, safely and precisely. Combining her highly tuned esoteric gifts with a grounded background in accounting and information technology, she boldly takes clients through a “golden temple of transformation” to create their Sacred Space so they clear core traumas, release toxicity, resolve mysterious blocks to manifest success, and help individuals take back their own sovereignty.

Archanaa draws inspiration and energetic support from nature, music and power places on the earth, as well as ancient wisdom, symbols and sacred geometry. She fearlessly dives into the mystical worlds of energy and intuition. Once there, she connects clients’ situations and challenges with underlying fears, environment and crises of spirit.

At age 5, Archanaa declared to her mother that she wanted to change her birth name. Her mother acquiesced, giving her three options from which to select. She chose Archanaa, the meaning of which paved the gateway for her purpose. The literal translation – “an offering in a place of worship” – was, in retrospect, the foundation for what has become her Sacred Golden Temple process.

As a young girl, watching family and friends suffer from chronic and life-threatening ailments had a deep emotional impact on Archanaa. It also triggered spontaneous past life memories of traumas. “I felt helpless as my mom suffered from diabetes, high blood pressure, knee problems, cataracts, limited mobility, pneumonia and finally succumbed to breast cancer.”

Throughout her life, Archanaa also noticed that people with similar health situations experience different outcomes. “I’ve witnessed some people miraculously heal from major chronic conditions while others with the same conditions get worse or die,” she observed. “Some people seem to have it easy. They make visible progress toward their goals, while others with similar skill sets are unable make any progress at all. I’ve always wanted to know what was really behind these mysterious situations.”

As a teenager and young adult (and maybe as a result of being an empath and suppressing emotions), Archanaa became plagued by her own health issues: constant fatigue, excruciating headaches, acute bronchitis, asthma, stubborn weight gain, varicose veins, and chronic neck and shoulder pain. Feeling miserable in her body, Archanaa began an intensive healing quest. Yet after countless programs, modalities, healing sessions and supplement regimes (though gaining temporary relief), patterns of dis-ease would return.

Ever the perfectionist, Archanaa persisted in her search, completing certifications in various healing protocols and relying on her own intuitive capabilities. It has not been a linear path, necessarily. Her personal journey has included successes and breakthroughs, as well as so-called “mistakes and failures” that have led to her discovering her gifts and developing her unique offerings to individuals. Eventually, she deftly integrated her spiritual practices with her career as a business systems analyst. Tapping into her higher guidance, she was able to see the human being and their environment as a “whole system.” She found that when she changed her environment and her diet, things started to shift. From there, she created an intuitive technology to effectively clear her environment and in turn heal herself of these afflictions. She now shares this same process with others to help them create their Sacred Space so they become unstoppable and experience prosperity, purpose and passion in every area of their life.


Healthy People + Happy Homes = Heavenly Planet

"The Sacred Space work by Archanaa is no less than miraculous. The relationship amongst my family members shifted significantly for the better. At first the shifts were subtle, but now I can really see what monumental shifts have occurred. I highly recommend her services, as Archanaa is truly gifted." - Deirdre Dalton Webb, Colorado

"I am thankful for Archanaa’s guidance and knowledge. As a result of what she shared with me, I'm developing compassion, strength and understanding, and making peace between my conscious and unconscious. The answers are coming much faster and clearer, and I’m navigating situations much better—and I'm just scratching the surface!" - C.N., New York

"I loved our session and felt very connected to you. I had been thinking about moving for a while but was stuck in how to make it happen. You made it feel safe and possible." – Jacquie Farquhar, California

"Archanaa is a gifted medical intuitive. She accurately read my physical and energetic bodies and helped me address issues related to my heart health, reproductive areas and food deficiencies. She pinpointed very specific foods to avoid that were impacting my health." –Baeth Davis, California

"Archanaa helped me eliminate hip pain and lose 15 pounds. She was able to see the source of my chronic pain without even meeting in person. Her forgiveness process addressed repressed anger and resentment from as far back as 50 years ago, which was contributing to my pain and “weighing” me down. She also gave me simple nutritional suggestions. I recommend her work to anyone who feels their ailment is more than just physical." – Julia Stege, California

"I trust Archanaa fully with my physical and emotional health. Her process is amazing." – Gary Stuart, California

"I was born with an immune deficiency and was borderline diabetic. Archanaa’s energy healing work helped my blood sugar levels go down and I don’t get ill every winter like I always have, which is quite a miracle. She is a talented and powerful healer." – Rev. Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard, California

"Archanaa’s intuitive assistance helped me to grow as a person, heal through grief, recognize my own worth and make major life decisions that are in alignment with my higher destiny." – Beverly Stickley, Canada

Information and healing provided through this website and offline during the sessions are intended to enable and enhance your physical, emotional and energetic well being. Although we adhere to the highest standards and professional ethics, we cannot make guarantees regarding effectiveness or healing outcomes. Intuitive readings, evaluations, healing sessions, training programs and other recommendations are intended to complement, not replace or substitute, professional medical diagnosis and treatment. Always consult with your doctor about any symptoms that may require medical attention. We cannot and do not provide medical diagnoses or treatment, prescribe medicine or give psychotherapy. All personal information received from client is kept strictly confidential. There is absolutely no sharing of personal addresses or emails.

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