Have you ever wondered why certain symptoms keep coming back no matter how many times they were treated? Cancer for example. Or why does that right knee keep getting injured again and again? Wasn’t it fixed for good a year ago or that’s what they said! How about the personality type that drives you crazy every time? Is it really and always your fault? Not really!

When we explore options to heal our body, most of the time we limit ourselves to just the physical body. That is how we have grown up. We have been wired that we should only believe in what we can see and touch and feel. Right? Well, I say look beyond that. Why? Because it’s time.

It’s time to stop holding back and tolerating issues (health and other areas) and open up to deep healing. Deep healing transcends the physical body and inspires us to go beyond. Coming to think of it, we have all experienced the not-so-visible energy body in subtle ways. When are sitting with your eyes closed and someone walks by or comes near without making any noise, you are still aware of this and will open your eyes. Or that gut instinct that guided you to take a different route or turn a different direction, and then you realized you did actually avoid an accident area. The more you recall, the more examples you will find.

The physical body is limited to just this life. The energy body carries memories, vibrations and energetic patterns beyond just this life. Isn’t that fascinating? The depth and details for comprehension is beyond our wildest imagination. Pointers to dis-eases, state of various physical systems, overall sense of well-being, food sensitivities, nutritional deficiencies, emotional patterns, inflammation, all of our fears, beliefs and baggages, trauma, our gifts and strengths, are all in the energy body. Plus so much more! Energy body is also referred to as the ‘aura’.

When I perform the Comprehensive Medical Intuitive Scan, all the information comes from your energy body. That is why it is not necessary for you to be with me either in person or over the phone. I also look at your etheric field strength, attachments and patterns in your energy field that may be contribution to the current status. On the bright side, when we heal and clear the energy body, certain dis-eases and ailments will not even make it to the physical body. How cool is that? That way you don’t have to deal with the same issues just because you took them on in another life. I also focus quite a bit on the emotional patterns in your energy field to find your common triggers for stress and overwhelm. We can find out how much of these emotions are your own and how much truly belongs to ‘this’ life. Energy body reveals these patters for many of the common but intense emotions we experience every day – anger, anxiety, hatred, worry, frustration, grief, guilt, shame and of course, fear!

Ancestral patterns, resistance to letting go, issues relating to trust and safety, blocks to having abundance with ease and grace, the strength of our intuition, the ability to forgive and other patterns are all also in the energy body.

Oh yes, one more aspect that you may be more familiar with. ‘Chakras’ or ‘energy centers’ along the spine have a huge influence on many of our physical systems. You may have heard of blocked chakras or the need to balance a certain chakra. I do scan for each of the major and several minor chakras in the comprehensive scan and will share their current state during the reading.

To summarize, your energy body holds the key to both your current state and what is possible as you empower your inner healer.

The choice to own your path to radiant health and happiness is yours.