My Offerings

All of my offerings are designed to bring balance and healing to both your internal and external environments. How and why do we get thrown out of balance? Well, life happens! We internalize stories that are “told” to us and about us. We allow stagnant energies to keep us stuck, creating a breeding ground for discontent and “dis-ease” in various areas of our lives. We even accumulate soul contracts and traumas from previous lifetimes.

My highest goal with all of my programs is to help you live a pain-free, prescription-free life while being fully connected to your heart, to others and to the Divine. Healthy People + Happy Homes = Heavenly Planet.

reveal and heal your food hang-ups

Have you have tried every diet out there and still aren’t able to lose weight or boost your metabolism? Discovering what foods your body likes and dislikes can be a challenge. If you’ve taken the traditional 237-food-panel test or endured pricks and pains to learn your food allergies, you know what I’m talking about. These traditional tests cost hundreds of dollars and take time.

  • What if there’s an easier option to know your body’s nutritional preferences without stepping out of your home?

  • What if you could easily assess not just 237 foods but also 100+ herbs, 100+ additives and other ingredients?

  • What if you could learn the precise vitamins and minerals that your body needs right now?

  • What if you could nourish your body with what it actually likes so there is no more struggle with food choices when you cook or eat out?

This session is for you if:

  • You have tried countless diets and have a bittersweet relationship with food

  • You are slightly aware of your food sensitivities and want to know more

  • You want to eat better but are confused about where to start

  • You have challenges with your digestion or metabolism

  • You frequently experience heartburn or bloating

  • You struggle with weight issues in the abdomen area

Why sign up for this?

  • No more mystery grocery shopping with your customized YES and NO food list

  • No needles, samples or multiple tries

  • No wasting time driving to multiple test sites

  • No more trying something just because it’s the fad everyone is talking about

  • No more dumping dozens of unneeded supplements into your body

  • No more wasteful experimenting while cooking or eating out

What’s included?

  • A phone assessment that completely addresses your YES and NO food list and more

  • Review of your current supplements and recommendations for modifications

  • A personalized supplement list to jumpstart your healing journey

  • Printout of your assessment in an easy-to-follow format

  • A follow-up session to answer any questions, as needed

Sessions are conducted via phone and video conference.

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