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All of my offerings are designed to bring balance and healing to both your internal and external environments. How and why do we get thrown out of balance? Well, life happens! We internalize stories that are “told” to us and about us. We allow stagnant energies to keep us stuck, creating a breeding ground for discontent and “dis-ease” in various areas of our lives. We even accumulate soul contracts and traumas from previous lifetimes.

My highest goal with all of my programs is to help you live a pain-free, prescription-free life while being fully connected to your heart, to others and to the Divine. Healthy People + Happy Homes = Heavenly Planet.

Reveal and own your inner thunder

Are you ready to claim your inner power and own your thunder? This VIP intensive is not for the weak at heart or the indecisive mind. Are you ready to fully accept and acknowledge all parts of you? If you are finally ready to rebirth a more powerful version of you and your life, this offering is for you.

This program combines Archanaa’s best practices and secretly held tools from her own journey into a highly customized experience that will help you jumpstart your life NOW. It includes a VIP day, (which is an intense reset), as well as deep support before and during the three months following the reset.

Your life has a deeper meaning and is meant to create a greater impact on the planet. You know this in your bones. Yes, your sacred purpose is far bigger than you and that can feel scary if you’re fumbling in the darkness without your own inner light. By contrast, when there is passion and purpose in everything you do, it brings prosperity and peace on all levels. This intensive invites you to create and own your sacredness in all its glory.

Whatever “shows up” for Archanaa as she works with you is what she will bring forth. The experience can include readings, activations, visioning, ceremony, initiations, herbal/oil/essences/nutritional recommendations and much more. This program also works perfectly with specific events, such as your birthday, business launch, etc.

This session is for you if:

  • You are frustrated by how different you are and don’t know what to do

  • You are frequently distracted by fears and patterns that don’t seem to go away

  • You are looking to rekindle your inner fire and bring in more passion to your life

  • You know you deserve better

  • You are restless and want faster results

  • You are ready to go deep and connect with your guides and spirit animals

Why sign up for this?

  • You are ready to experience core-level healing in all three essential realms: Home, Heart and Health

  • You are ready to claim your inner power and own your thunder

  • You are ready for more prosperity, purpose and passion in every area of your life!

What’s included?

  • 1:1 VIP intensive day in person or by video conference

  • Custom fire ceremony initiation to Own Your Thunder

  • Personalized ritual to replicate your inner temple

  • Crystal activation(s)

  • Power animal reading(s)

  • Option to select energetic makeover for your home

  • Includes the Reveal and Heal Your Heart, Health and Environment 3-month program

Sessions are conducted via phone and video conference.

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